Офис сграда с подземни гаражи,м.„Манастирски Ливади – Изток“, гр. София

Architecture:   ПРОСПЕКТУМ ЕООД
Main contractor:   БС КОНСТРУКЦИЯ АД
Plan dimensions:   23,5 / 22 m
Етажи (надземни + сутеренни):   8 +3 
Design:   Structures
CGA - Construction Gross (building) Area:   4 760 m2
Excavation with retaining structure:   RC diaphragm walls propped by steel bracing struts
Main structural material:   reinforced concrete
Structural type system:   skeleton-frame structure - columns, shear walls and flat slabs with drop panels
Structural grid spacing:   8,6 / 6,85 m
Foundation:   mat foundation with slab thickness of 80 cm
Roof - type & material:   flat and grid (pergola) reinforced concrete slab
Phase/stage:   in operation since 2018