Метро – София, II-ри метродиаметър, проект за разширение на втори метродиаметър след метростанция MII – 11 Джеймс Баучер

Architecture:"KONKURENT-90" Ltd.
Main contractor:ALLIANCE "METRO CHERNI VRAH 2013"
Facility length:217,40 m
Facility width:18,80 m
Facility height (depth):10,75 m
Design:Architecture, WSS, Geodesy, Structures, HVAC, Plan & Profile
Built-up Area (BUA):3 760 m2
Excavation with retaining structure:diaphragm walls
Building technology:"Top-down"
Main structural material:reinforced concrete
Characteristics:- "Milan Method" roof slab;
 - 4 blocks and a pedestrian tunnel, separated by expansion joints;
 - (external) retaining structure - diaphragm walls supported by the roof slab;
 - internal structure - walls, columns, slabs and beams;
 - 2 side platforms;
 - 2 entrance-halls at both ends of the station;
 - 7 different exits;
Phase/stage:in operation since 2016